Five of the Best Business ISPs in Australia

Globalization has truly made the world a smaller place. It has become imperative for businesses to be constantly connected to the Internet if they hope to grow in the new global economy. Obviously, businesses require the services of an Internet service provider to deliver access to the Internet.

Australia is home to a number of ISPs who provide Internet plans, which cater to businesses of varying sizes. Some of these firms are present throughout the country, while others are restricted to certain states or cities. If you have a business of your own, you would need to contact one of these companies to provide solutions for your Internet requirements.

Here is a list of some of the major Internet service providers in Australia, who cater to the needs of businesses.


Internode is one of the largest Internet service providers in the country. The company has invested in multiple points of presence, multiple upstream connections and an international backbone network to ensure efficient service. Since the network is dependent on a large number of upstream providers, it is able to provide maximum resiliency and performance. It supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet standards, which make the connection reasonably future proof. Internode offers a huge selection of plans for its corporate and business clients to choose from.

Telstra BigPond

The BigPond service is run by Telstra, Australia’s largest telecom network. Due to the large size of the network, the ISP is able to provide a variety of services at competitive rates. BigPond has received numerous awards for its 24×7 customer service. Along with the variety of plans on offer, the excellent service should make the service a viable option for most businesses.


Australia’s second largest Internet provider, iiNet, has a range of offering dedicated to business customers. The company is able to provide services for small businesses as well as large corporations. It was the first to offer customers the option of opting for a dedicated broadband connection, without the need for a landline service. The plans start at a limit of 20GB. The company also offers a number of bundle plans targeted towards small businesses.


Optus is part of the SingTel group, one of the largest telecommunication groups in the Asia Pacific region, which operates in more than 20 countries. Optus provides a wide range of services including business network services, satellite services, etc. There are a number of plans on offer which are suitable for small businesses, large corporates, and even government entities. It provides a number of bundle plans range from access to security software to free iPads.

Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. In Australia, it provides 3G connections to 94% of the population, and is to provide 4G services as well. Vodafone provides businesses with affordable access to its services, which includes on-the-move access to the Internet through the mobile phone or laptop.

The ISP business in Australia is very easy to get into, and this has given rise to intense competition. While the companies mentioned here are some of the biggest in the country, there are plenty of others, which provide similar services as well. Before choosing an ISP for your business, it is always best to do proper research.

Why Use An Internet Business Consultant?

Many businesses are beginning to move towards having an online presence. People going into business for the first time find that there is far less overhead running a business on the Internet, and established companies find it less expensive to grow their business online. However, it is important to note that much of the online business world operates in a different manner than classical business models. This is why people should consider using an Internet business consultant to help them succeed.

Internet Advertising

One of the main reasons that many people choose to take their businesses online is because of the low cost of Internet advertising. However, the way that online marketing works is almost completely different from standard advertising. Most Internet advertising requires people to target their ads to demographic groups or keywords. This requires large amounts of research, especially compared to simply choosing a billboard or radio station. Business consultants for the Internet can help people understand SEO, PPC and other common Internet marketing systems so that they can use them to their advantage.

Online Business Communication

Another huge difference between online and standard business models is the way that communication works. While people in the “real world” will wait a day or two to hear back from someone, Internet communication is expected to occur at a much faster pace. Many consumers expect to hear back from Internet businesses in hours rather than days. If companies are not responding in expected time frames, they may be giving potential customers the wrong impression.

Additionally, online businesses need to be available through a variety of contact methods. Internet based businesses are expected to be available through email, chat, telephone and multiple social media sites. If companies are not making themselves accessible through as many channels as possible, they are likely to lose out on sales. Consulting services can ensure that people are aware of the different expectations for online businesses and ways to manage these additional contact options in a timely manner.

Finding The Right Online Services

As with most businesses, many online companies do a lot of outsourcing. Handling online advertising campaigns, website creation and social networking profiles will make it nearly impossible for people to focus on running their own businesses. Fortunately, there are a number of services that are available to help people design and run their Internet and social media marketing campaigns along with building an online footprint for them. That said, finding the right services to do so can be challenging, especially if someone is not sure what his or her exact needs are.

Again, this is where an Internet business consultant can be invaluable. Local businesses that are looking to expand their business through Internet advertising do not need enormous websites. However, online storefronts will generally have extensive needs such as the ability to deal with secure transactions and large databases of merchandise. Consultants are able to match businesses with not only the best Internet marketing and design services, but they can also help companies make choices that are right for their size and needs.